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Do you see darkness around you?

The world crash right in front of you?

But there is a light that exists within you.

I see it, and I believe, one day, you will too.

Till that time, just hold on.

Hold on to yourself and to everyone you love or the ones that love you.

Remind yourself every day, when this gets over, you will be much stronger.

Finally, the day arrived when we all graduated. A journey that began with people coming together from different parts of the world with a similar goal in mind to build a better tomorrow for themselves. Some wanted to call the US — home, while others wanted to explore what laid in this part of the world. Based on how we experienced things around us, we all had our separate journeys. Journeys to become a better version of ourselves, towards self-exploration and realization. Somewhere we all had our moments of breaking down, building up, and taking a stand.

Class of 2021 (06/11/2021)

While my journey…

You become a version of the story you tell yourself every day. It’s true! Try telling yourself that you are useless for 10 days and you will start feeling that way. Tell yourself that you are strong, alive, and in control, and you start feeling like that. It is all about the story you tell yourself, not others but yourself.

When you are a child, this version of the story comes from your parents. If they tell you that you are strong and brave, you start feeling that way. If they tell you that you are bad at something, you…

Tham jaa insaan

Kyu bhaag raha hai?

Aisa kya hai jo chuth raha hai?

Aisa kya hai jo paana hai?

Sab kuch to hai yahan.

Dekh zara..

Sukoon hai yahan.

Chand lamhe kharab hue uske gam mein kyu mar raha hai.

Aaj is pal ka mazaa le.

Ye pal jo abhi hai vo tera hai.

Vo naa beeta hai, naa hi dubara ayega.

Ye pal khaas hai

khol zara baahein aur jee le ise.

Girna sambhalna to laga hi rahega,

aaj iss pal jee le tu.

Few months back, I accidentally found this in my dairy. I am not even sure whether I wrote this. But thought it will be nice to share with someone who might need to hear this today.

Our dreams are like sunshine.

Sometimes the clouds cover them, and even we can’t see them.

But they still exist.

So when it’s summer again and the sun peeks through the clouds, we find a way back to our dreams.

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Sometimes I wonder what would it be like to paint my life with the colors of my choice?

Would it mean making it colorful out of gray?

Would it mean breaking those boundaries and setting me free?

Would it mean giving the sky color of my choice?

Or, would it just mean believing in my colors?

When I started with my Machine Learning journey, it was always difficult for me to remember the difference between Bias and Variance. Now that I understand these terms, I hope my post will help others to form a basic understanding of these two terms.

Let’s talk about bias first. In simple terms, bias is the difference between the model prediction and the ground truth i.e. actual value of the response variable. High Bias means that your model does not capture some important features and is underfitting the training data (high error on the training data). …

Damanpreet Kaur

Internet Junkie | Data Science | Living life in beta Mode: Learning, practicing, refining, and repeating | Favorite words: This too shall pass.

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